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Release the Rebel

in the Classic Gin

Here’s to the crazy ones, 

   the misfits, the rebels, the

      troublemakers. The ones who

             see things differently. – Walter Isaacson

The Rebel Gin is a classic craft gin with a rebellious nature ideally suited for the non-conformist, designer of change and adventurer in you. 

Release the Rebel

The Rebel's has


Ready to be


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The Rebel's Botanicals

What to expect when releasing your inner Rebel:

Juniper Berries

Cassia Bark

Angelica Root

Coriander Seed

Citrus Peel

All fused together in the time old tradition

of the first Republic Rebel.

A perfect gin base for your own rebellious

concoctions. Ideal with Indian Tonic & Citrus.

Release your inner Rebel

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