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Our Story

An age old Rebellion

In the small town of Swellendam, South Africa, we live and relive the rebellious nature of the age old "Oorlam" creators. Creating the perfect GIN for the enjoyment of young and old alike. In line with the rebellious way of life The Rebel Gin was developed by local Republicans. What started as a dream around a kitchen table grew into a fine Classic Style Gin with Proudly South African roots. The two families with a dream to revive the REBEL in the Gin.

The REBELS of Swellendam aim to Revive the Revolution of the Republic. The Root of the Redemption is to Restore and Renew the Remarkable Relicts through Respect and Reverence for all Rebels to Relish and Revel in the Rhapsody of the Republic!

Gin Republic
REBEL History
The Distillers
Republic Of Swellendam
Janus & Hannes
Big Charlie
The REBEL Stand
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The REBEL Gang
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